The Talk On Main Street (TOM) is a new independent media company founded by documentary filmmaker Annabel Park and activist Molly Grover. It grew out of a popular facebook page that they manage called Save Main Street which sought to focus more political discussion around income inequality and the need to rein in the power of Wall Street over the US government.

One of the things we learned from the 2016 election was that many people across America feel ignored and misunderstood by the Washington elite. Donald Trump would not be president without this fact about American life. The disconnection between people on Main Street and the Washington elite has continued since the election. Although there is no obvious remedy to this challenge, the Talk On Main Street founders have an idea.

Traditional media follow people they consider to be “newsmakers.” These people tend to be public figures with power. What if we challenged this paradigm? What if we turned the people of Main St who feel marginalized into the newsmakers? The Talk On Main Street idea is to see if we can turn our lens and focus it on the people on Main Street and bring their concerns, stories, and news, to the larger public including mainstream media and Washington. Although we won’t ignore traditional “news” by traditional “newsmakers” because that is important for everyone to follow as well, our focus will be on amplifying the voices of people on Main St who don’t feel heard.

The facebook page was recently renamed The Talk On Main Street (TOM).