How We Stop Trump’s Dangerous Tax Bill

This Tax Bill Is Dangerous and Immoral

The GOP tax bill is coming up for a vote next week and it’s just as dangerous as the healthcare bill. It is trickle-down economics on steroids.

Poor and middle-class people will see their taxes go up, while the corporate tax rate is expected to decrease from the current 35% to 20%. Other giveaways to the rich include a stipulation that hedge fund managers pay a lower tax rate for their portion of investment revenue through the carried-interest loophole. And in what seems like a truly blatant snub to average Americans, the tax burden may also be reduced on private jet owners under the new tax plan.

After careful analysis, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post concludes, “By 2027, around 50 percent of taxpayers will see a tax hike. The whole purpose of this tax increase is to make it possible for Senate Republicans to pass a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefits the very wealthiest taxpayers — on party lines, without any Democrats.”

No one summed up the situation better than Barabara Ehrenreich:

The bill is also hiding another sadistic attempt at an Obamacare repeal, taking away the individual mandate which is estimated to leave over 13 million people without health insurance.   

We Need to Put Our Bodies on the Line, Again

Remember when disabled activists were dragged from their senators’ offices as they protested the healthcare bill? Those images of people getting dragged out in wheelchairs were powerful and it helped stop the GOP health care bill.

DENVER, CO – JUNE 29: ADAPT protesters Lonnie Smith (L) and Dawn Russell are wheeled out after getting arrested from Senator Corey Gardner’s office on June 29, 2017. Protesters were chanting: “Rather go to jail than to die without Medicaid.” (Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post)

This is the kind of energy we need right now, but large-scale protests are not happening yet. Part of the reason the tax bill is so dangerous is that average people are not expressing the kind of outrage that the health care bill inspired over the summer. Perhaps it’s because of protest fatigue, or because tax matters are not as easily understood, but it’s been more difficult to get citizens motivated to take to the streets.

The reality is, this terrible tax bill could be the law of the land in the next ten days because the GOP is rushing it through while we are distracted and overwhelmed. It is another national emergency for the 99% and we need to be screaming at our legislators to stop this bill.

There is still a time to make your opposition to this dangerous and immoral bill heard. On Monday, November 27, the fine people of are calling for nationwide #TrumpTaxScam Sit-ins. There will be gatherings around the country at senators’ offices to demand a “no” vote on a bill that is truly a scam for middle-class and poor families. It’s time to hit the streets. Hope to see you there!

How We Stop Trump’s Dangerous Tax Bill

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