How You Can Learn From History To Beat Trump In 2020

Every Democrat who cares about beating Trump needs to know this crucial lesson from history. 

The sitting President and their party always build a massive war chest while the opposing party has its primary—just waiting to attack. Then, the moment someone emerges with enough delegates to win their party nomination (usually in May or June), they mount their offense—hitting the opposition with attack ads to define their opponent early. 

Bruised and battered from a long (and expensive) primary, our nominee will have little left to fight back with. And party resources don’t unlock until the convention when our candidate is “officially” made the nominee. That means for a few weeks—or even months—our Democratic challenger is on their own; they’re a sitting duck for the millions of dollars of attack ads that will rain down on them. Bush did it to Kerry in 2004, Obama did it to Romney in 2012, and it worked. 

Join Talk on Main and It Starts Today and start building our nominee’s war chest NOW

Make no mistake that this is EXACTLY what Trump will do in 2020. His campaign has already outraised and outspent every Democrat on digital advertising. Once we have a clear Democratic nominee, they are going to be hit harder than ever before with the most conspiratorial and horrendous attacks on every digital platform and TV. 

No matter who you love—they’re at risk. Sanders, Warren, Biden, and all the rest—it doesn’t matter who. Any blue will do for Trump’s attacks. 

This is the game plan. This is what they do.

But this time is different.

Because there’s you.

This time around you can join thousands of other people who are going to protect our nominee by funding their war chest today. What’s the point of a history lesson if you’re not going to learn from it?

That’s why your support through our candidate fund will go directly to the nominee at the very moment s/he gets the delegates they need to win the nomination. It Starts Today is building a fund of earmarked contributions that will be sent to the Democratic nominee right when they cross the delegate count threshold—this could literally be weeks or months before the other nominee funds get transferred at the convention. And the support for the nominee doesn’t just stop there. 

This fund is built by the support of grassroots donors making recurring monthly contributions—which compound over time and will keep delivering to the Democratic nominee until November 3rd.

Right now you can start supporting the 2020 Democratic nominee by making your monthly donation today. The earlier you start, the more your dollars and every other grassroots donor’s can pile up. Not only will your contribution provide them the crucial protection they’ll need from Trump in May or June, but it will also show the power of a grassroots “insurance policy” to change how the 99% fund Presidential elections.

If you doubt the power of these recurring donations just ask AOC. In the 3rd quarter of 2019, her re-election campaign raised more than ANY other House Democrat—even those taking big corporate cash. This is because many of her grassroots donors are giving her small amounts on a monthly basis, which adds up fast. This is exactly what a people-first democracy looks like. Not a few billionaires trying to “save us”, but the 99% funding our champions. 

This isn’t just about learning from history, this is an opportunity for you to help make it. Talk on Main Street is proud to partner with It Starts Today, and help build this movement. Start your monthly contribution today. 

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How You Can Learn From History To Beat Trump In 2020

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