#MeToo Demonstrates the Revolutionary Power of Speaking Up Together

The #MeToo movement is proving to be a game-changer in the history of women’s liberation. Each week more victims of sexual misconduct come forward with harrowing accounts of harassment by powerful men. This week it was Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and comedian Louis C.K. And while the graphic stories are naturally capturing everyone’s attention, what is not being given as much airtime is the continued unfolding of a spontaneous, grassroots movement as a direct result of #MeToo.

When their stories have come and gone from the headlines, survivors are finding one another and working together to enact change.  For example, a coalition of women who were victimized by Harvey Weinstein has recently worked together to create a Google doc that documents in one place all of the abuses committed by Weinstein. The document reveals that over 100 women have now gone public with stories of harassment, assault, or rape by the movie mogul. The list includes the names, ages, occupations, and specific details of each woman’s experience, and is powerful in the no-frills way that it enumerates the sheer volume of women who were involved.

The list is being circulated on social media by the coalition’s leader, actress Asia Argento. The collective effort is proof that Weinstein’s victims are seeking one another out online and establishing a single place to share their testimonies as a form of healing.

The coalition has also begun a campaign called #NoShameFist, with an illustration of a woman raising her fist in a symbol of solidarity and strength in the face of sexual harassment. Here again is an effort to create public awareness among victims.

What’s clear from all of these efforts is the astonishing power that victims can reclaim when they come together in a unified call for change. We can only hope that survivors and supporters will continue to find each other and build on this moment to make 2017 the year that our society finally became aware of the serious damage caused by sexual harassment.    

#MeToo Demonstrates the Revolutionary Power of Speaking Up Together

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