Republicans Have No Idea What “Middle Class” Means

The GOP tax plan shows once again just how out-of-touch the Republican party is with the lives of ordinary Americans. On a fact sheet released with the plan, the GOP boasts reduced tax rates for “low- and middle- income earners.” But, in a stunning oversight, the fact sheet’s authors included taxpayers who pay a 35 percent tax rate in the “low and middle-income group.” In other words, Republicans are saying that taxpayers who earn $450,000 a year are “middle income.”

There is no strict definition of middle class, but the median household income in the U.S. is a mere $59,039, and someone who makes $450,000 is in the top 0.05 percent of earners, otherwise known as a “one percenter.”

Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted his frustration over the plan. He argued that the cuts are going to billionaires and corporations at the expense of programs that help average people.

The public response to the plan has not been favorable either. Americans oppose the tax bill by a 17 percent margin, with only 33 percent supporting and just about half of the people opposed to the plan.

Though the fact sheet was clearly an error, the Republican aloofness to the needs of low and middle-class voters is very real indeed.

Republicans Have No Idea What “Middle Class” Means

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